Turbo-Grow’s benefits include the following:

  • Provides slow natural release of minerals and trace elements
  • Stimulates soil micro-organism activity
  • Raises moisture and nutrient storage capacity of soils
  • Contributes to the building of humus complexes
  • Buffers both high and low pH levels in soils
  • Helps combat soil erosion
  • Greatly improves root development
  • Increases the nutrient intake of plants
  • Increases yields – some trials have given results up to 400%
  • Enhances flavour and texture in crops and fruit
  • Produces more nutritious crops and fruit
  • Increases resistance to insects and disease – resultant savings on pesticides and herbicides
  • Increases resistance to frost and drought
  • Quicker and sturdier growth rates
  • Free natural input for organic farmers
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and totally natural
  • Enhances sugar and mineral content in fruit and vegetables
  • Decreases dependence on chemical fertilisers – good savings for farmers
  • Improves water retention in free draining soils
  • Revitalises existing plants and trees
  • Increases both growth rate of micro-organisms and earthworm activity
  • Great for compost – increases biotic-mineral content of humus and reduces smells
  • Reduces mortality rates in seedlings & replanting
  • Improves germination
  • Research has also indicated benefits as a human and animal dietary supplement
  • Odour control when sprinkled on animal bedding
  • Dust plants with Turbo-Grow for insect control
  • Add to compost teas to enhance micro-organism count
  • The paramagnetic component of Turbo-Grow is the subject of much research and debate at present

In summary then, the benefits are obvious – healthy soil leads to healthy plants & animals, giving us healthy food…leading to healthier, happier humans…

For the more technically minded the following synopsis will provide more insight:

Mineral depleted soils display a range of properties that are indicative of low inherent fertility and conditions detrimental to healthy plant growth, incl.

  • High soil acidity, with weak response to liming
  • Low availability of nutrient cations supplied from minerals and trace elements
  • Very low levels of plant nutrients in the form of exchangeable basic cations, especially calcium, magnesium & potassium
  • Low availability of, or high requirements for phosphorus
  • Rapid oxidation of organic matter, leading to degeneration of soil structure
  • Limited soil micro-organism activity

Turbo-Grow enhances plant growth in mineral depleted soils due to its ability to

  • Rejuvenate the mineral & chemical properties of mineral depleted soils
  • Improve the cation exchange capacity of the soil
  • Enhance the ability of soils to retain nutrient cations and supply them to plants
  • Buffer both high and low pH levels in soils
  • Reduce the phosphorus fixation capacity of the soil, so that phosphates added in fertilisers are kept in soil solution and are more readily available for plant nutrition
  • Provide silica, “the forgotten element” which strengthens cell walls, resulting in improved plant vigour and quality

Thus, Turbo-Grow has the potential to provide significant commercial benefits through its ability to

  • Enhance soil health & increase crop yields
  • Reduce farming input costs in lower rates of application of fertilisers and pesticides
  • Reduce the social, economic & environmental impact of algeal blooms and other evidence of high nutrient levels  in waterways downstream of agricultural activities
  • Provide divalent cations that may be used as a tool to be used in the amelioration of sodic soils
  • Provide input replacement through the need for less fertiliser to sustain plant production on soils that have been treated with Turbo-Grow applications
  • Underpin the development of new farming strategies to ensure more sustainable uses of soil resources & fertilisers.