Boost your Soil Health with Organic Minerals & Trace Elements

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Our soil is the foundation of all land-based life. It is the be all and end all. You can have the very best genetic parent material but will find no gain in planting in soil that is mineral deficient, depleted of organic matter and devoid of microbial

Soil’s main mineral base consists of decayed rock, soil creation occuring via several natural processes: Glacial activity accounts Continue reading

The importance of micro-organisms in your soil

It’s easy to think of it simply as inert dirt, but healthy soil is quite literally alive. A handful of soil from your well-tended organic garden may contain billions of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that interact with each other, with larger organisms such as earthworms, and with the organic matter in the soil. That interaction breaks down the organic materials into a form that can be readily used by living plants.