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Turbo Grow (earth food products) – Volcanic Rock Dust

With the life work of founder of Turbo-Grow, Mr Octave D’Hotman de Villiers and his passion to show the world the benefits of Volcanic Rock Dust (since 1930’s) , Turbo Grow Volcanic rock dust was launched by his Granddaughter  in 2000  – supplying South Africa with the finest Volcanic Rock Dust.  We are proud to be able to offer all Farmers and Growers (Big and Small) this wonderful “Soil Reminerilization” product in bulk

We would love to share our wonderful Volcanic Rock Dust and share all relevant local and international information to every farmer and grower in Africa –  with these amazing rock Minerals and Trace Elements

If you are passionate about your growing and want to create the healthiest soils for optimum plants health and nutrition and genetically enhance your crops year after year, we welcome you to the wonderful world of Rock Minerals – Volcanic Rock Dust Continue reading