Boost your Soil Health with Organic Minerals & Trace Elements

Our soil is the foundation of all land-based life. It is the be all and end all. You can have the very best genetic parent material but will find no gain in planting in soil that is mineral deficient, depleted of organic matter and devoid of microbial

Soil’s main mineral base consists of decayed rock, soil creation occuring via several natural processes: Glacial activity accounts for the bulk of soil creation as each ice age (with the last one ending about 12 000 years ago) covered the planet with glaciers from the poles halfway to the tropics. During the 90 000 year phase of each ice age, these glaciers (up to 3 km thick) would grind away at the surface bed rock of the planet underneath. When the glaciers receded they left beds of pulverised rock of up to 3 meters deep in their wake.

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